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Blog - Joining forces

Joining forces

It's the hottest new trend for hip young couples. When you've spent years together before tying the knot, it gets harder to split your friends into two separate parties. Sten parties are the best solution to this modern problem.

It’s just a fact that couples are spending more time together before getting married than ever before. Enjoying a last night of freedom is a moot point when the engaged couple have already lived together for +5 years. Long gone are the days of carrying your dearly beloved over the threshold after tying the knot.

To top that off, his friends and her friends have now merged, and the idea of splitting up the boys and girls is just a bit old-fashioned. We’ve put together a handy guide for do’s and don'ts for putting together the perfect Sten party, and more importantly, how you can make sure team bride and team groom know where their allegiances still lie!


Make sure everyone thinks it’s a good idea, just because the engaged couple is on board or really want a Sten party doesn’t mean everyone else does. Others in the wedding party may have been working behind the scenes scheming up a devious plan of their own.

Come up with a theme! Team Bride vs Team Hen, Nerds vs Jocks, whichever way you want to fix it, make sure that it still feels like an occasion. You want to avoid a weird mix of Stag and Hen that doesn’t work for anyone, or feels like a normal night out.

Choose from our great range of Sten designs, specifically made just for this occasion. You can mix and match garment styles and colours for a single design/theme so don’t worry about making 2 separate designs for guys and girls.

If you really want to have different designs for each half, ‘team stag’ vs ‘bride tribe’, don’t worry! You can use our basket function to order both at the same time and save on paying separate costs for delivery.

Are they the couple that always parties? Or have a hilarious story of how they met? Then sketch up your design and upload it to our custom designer. Our talented design team will then get to work making your dreams a reality.


Compromise is not the order of the day. Make sure you are doing it because they really want it, not because it works for everyone’s schedules and budgets. They only get married once (hopefully) so make sure its a night/ weekend to remember.

Don’t let one person take the lead! Forming a Sten committee makes everything easier as everyone can contribute their great ideas and this will ensure both sides of the aisle are happy. We’re sure they’ve both drunkenly hinted at something they would love to do, so go with it!

Avoid well-trodden ground, this is a one of a kind event after all! Try to avoid going to your local or that club you all used to love. It’s a day/weekend to make new memories. Find a venue that no one has been to! This way no one feels like they’ve been excluded or that their wants have been ignored.

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