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Blog - Give it the personal touch

Give it the personal touch

All you need to know about giving your threads the personal touch; from custom nicknames and numbers to creating a slogan that covers the entire party.

Everyone does it

Everyone’s got a nickname that they'll never live down or a funny quote they once drunkenly said; why not get them printed on the back of your t-shirts? For a few extra pounds, we’ll stick individual names or words on the back of your threads. It's a unique and popular choice. This is just the start though! We’ve got a load of ideas for using the nickname option to add that little extra hilarity on your stag or hen night.

One long joke

It’s not all about nicknames, we’ve got the option to add big numbers or letters to the back as well. This is great for numbering up your gang for that drunken headcount at the end of the night. But that’s just the half of it, why not make a sentence or in-joke between the gang across all the shirts? Why not spell out 'Daves Stag' or 'Bride to be' across 9 shirts?

Third times the charm

If it’s not the first time they’ve done the whole marriage thing, you can always make a little joke of it (if they’re a good sport of course!). It doesn’t have to be mean (remember it’s their day), but if they’re a team player it’s pretty funny.

Everyone plays a part

It doesn’t have to be just the bride or groom and best man or maid of honour that has a role on the day, why not assign everyone in the group a role, however silly? We’ve done wingmen/women, designated drivers, photographers, referees etc. The list is endless.

Divide and conquer

If you’re off on a big adventure or have team games planned, why not use the nicknames to split your group into teams such as single vs married, vegetarians vs meat eaters, red team vs the blue team; you get the idea. Don’t forget you can also mix your colours up too!

It's just not funny

Keep it clean: this is supposed to be some good-humoured adult fun. We won’t print it if it's offensive, racist, sexist or alludes to sexual violence. No one wants to have their weekend ruined by getting kicked off a flight or out of a bar.

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